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What should an IEP include ?

Posted by duncwilson on 8th May and posted in Uncategorized

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An Individual Education Plan is a legally required document for certain groups of pupils and in the UK the minimum should in particular specify :

  • The nature of the challenges the child faces – what is acting as a barrier to the child’s access to education.
  • What are the Additional Learning Needs (Special Needs) of the pupil if relevant.
  • What learning targets have been decided for the pupil, these should also include a time frame and progress checks.
  • How support for the pupil will be organised and who is responsible for different aspects of support.
  • How success and progress will be measured – with respect to the targets which have been agreed on.
  • How parent’s are involved and how home support will contribute to the IEP.
  • What materials, techniques and processes will be involved in the education plan.

The student should be actively involved in the development of their Individual Education Plan and be given the opportunity to discuss any points which concern them, a provision map may also be included at this point. There is a useful tool known as IEP writer available. Parents should also be sent a final copy of the agreed IEP.



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