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Who might be involved in an IEP ?

Posted by duncwilson on 8th May and posted in Uncategorized

The following list suggests the range of people who might be involved in a pupil’s individual education plan although this list is not definitive or exhaustive.

  • The student / pupil – it is important that the pupil understands what is on the education plan and how it is designed to help them.
  • The student’s parents – parents will probably be involved in some planning meetings, should be aware of the plan, agree to it and provide the parental support that the plan may specify.
  • Special education teacher – they will have specialist knowledge and be aware of the legal requirements of implementing individual education plans for specific groups of students.
  • Student’s main teacher or head of year – they will be able to provide lots of background knowledge for the issues the individual faces and will be involved in implementing and monitoring the
  • Educational psychologist  – it is common for pupils to be referred to an edpsyc prior to the IEP being written and will often be involved at regular stages after implementation.

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